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Maintaining and sustaining safe roads and sidewalks and ensure equal access to all neighbourhoods, parks, playgrounds, roads, bridges and community centres, while maintaining the safety in our waste water treatment facilities.

More timely filling of potholes provides accessibility to everyone, give more of a voice to various committees at City Hall including the advisory committee for persons with disabilities insisting on solutions based approaches and action to be proactive rather than reactive. Ensuring all public parks are accessible and include accessible, maintained and available bathroom 24/7


An economy thrives when supply and demand are equitable. Having the buying and spending power available to all persons will help grow Hamilton's economy and further the movement of collective prosperity. In addition, jobs with a living wage must be available to serve the needs of the community. We also must ensure we have residency for everyone that is above standard and accessible.

To improve Hamilton's economy, we must have people in jobs and have job security for all. As the cost of living and inflation goes up that all persons have the means to live or have access to the means to live as needed by working in cooperation with all resources available. We must ensure inclusion, diversity, equity and access in opportunities in Hamilton. Finally, we must be able to cultivate fundamental, systemic and culture change on levels of dignity, integrity and respect to ensure we satisfy the needs of our citizens


I am most concerned about availability, transparency and accountability and if elected, I along with my staff would make every effort to be present in my Ward and in my community.

Leadership is about empowerment. Being transparent, accountable and available are my vows to my community if I become elected.

The Environment

The environment must first and foremost be available and accessible for everyone, no more afterthoughts or band aid "solutions". If nature, parks and farmlands are free of barriers everyone is included. When we are solutions oriented it is a win for everyone.

It has been brought to my attention that community members would love more access in public spaces. More washrooms available, more accessible and ambient architecture and landscape. More solutions to ensure our environment is equitable.


We must improve our car share services, the HSR and Darts so that we can get all our citizens where and when they need to be at their location and in a timely fashion. We must improve our tax cab services to be an option for people with disabilities as well. I would love to install an uber-type service that supports people with disabilities.


As a member of the largest minority group in Hamilton - disability, I would love to see more representation. More hands up to people without expecting anything in return. I would love to see more openness and transparency in acknowledging days that support diverse groups. I would finally love to see an access for all initiative that celebrates presence rather than questions ones absence.

Presence is paramount, ensuring people feel safe, seen and heard is viable to the growth of Hamilton and it's diverse population. We must celebrate accomplishments and achievements and explore opportunities to be better. We must start thinking about being proactive, rather than reactive.

Vote Anthony Frisina, Councillor Candidate, Ward 8

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